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chalet gueggel bergrestaurant davos
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Chalet Gueggel in the valley Ochsen 2 Talstrasse 12

The bar stays open throughout the summer of 2013 until mid-April open 5pm until late in the night.. (Closed on Sundays, Open daily from December)

Ochsen 2 Davos

"The hockey venue in Davos with two big screens" From September until the next big title !!!!!!!!

Because we Care

Although the Güggel located at 2500 meters above sea level, we heat only in the morning briefly, with 70% of electricity from renewable sources, after which we draw heat from the heat recovery of the kitchen and restaurant, in all the toilets instead of paper and old driers we have new hand dryer with a Airbladetechnologie mounted by Dyson, thus we also save many cubic meters of paper and 80% power, the kitchen waste we provide to the biogas plant Davos for the production of electricity, oil, pet, cardboard, glass, tin metal and paper are recycled to 100%, our bulbs have been successively replaced by energy saving lamps.

3dl Mineral water was delivered by trucks from all over Switzerland. Now we offer 5dl fresh mountain water at the same price that we filter and bottle filling directly in the house with our bottle filling machine, with or without gas. Any water served, fresh mountain or bottled water, is considered food under the law and is under strict control of the cantonal chemist.

For further questions or suggestions please contact them at any time.

Landwasserstrasse 2 7270 Davos Platz Tel +41 (0)81 413 51 48 Mobil +41(0)79 402 61 35 Fax +41(0)81 420 64 81